China Mobile was named one of the “Top Ten China ESG Model Enterprises” at the first “China ESG Model Annual Ceremony” held by China Media Group

Dec 2023

Co-developed the world’s first 1.2T ultra-high-speed next-generation Internet backbone

Nov 2023

Initiated the “BASIC6” sci-tech innovation plan to unleash new momentum for sci-tech innovation

Oct 2023

Jointly released the Jiutian Zhongqing foundation large model to achieve independent mastery over core technologies across the entire chain

Oct 2023

Successfully developed China’s first reconfigurable 5G radio frequency transceiver chip “Breaking Wind 8676”

Aug 2023

Launched the Baichuan integrated computility and network platform to include a wide array of social computilities

Aug 2023

China Mobile topped the list of telecommunications companies as the number one telecommunications operator worldwide on the Fortune Global 500

Aug 2023

Released Jiutian large industry models on massive-computing public administration and customer services

Jul 2023

China Mobile’s 5G package customers exceeded 700 million

May 2023

The “Computility Routing” Working Group promoted by China Mobile was approved for establishment by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

Mar 2023

China Mobile accumulated more than 600 million 5G package customers

Dec 2022

Granted approval to build the “National Open Innovation Platform for Smart Network New Generation Artificial Intelligence”

Nov 2022

Started the China Mobile “CFN Innovative Test Infrastructure (CFITI)”

Jul 2022

Released “Computing Network Service 1.0”, creating a new computing network service model

Jul 2022

Jointly released the “5G-Advanced New Capability and Industrial Development Whitepaper” and the first batch of end-to-end 5G-Advanced industry samples with business partners

Jun 2022

China Mobile launched 5G new voice products

Mar 2022

Granted approval to build the “Next Generation Mobile ICT National Engineering Research Center”

Jan 2022

China Mobile Limited was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 600941)

Jan 2022

Jointly released the Smart Port 2.0 commercial operating solution comprising 5G, Beidou and driverless services

Dec 2021

Our Hong Kong Fotan Data Center in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area officially started construction

Dec 2021

The RMB Share Issue was approved by the Issuance Examination Committee of the CSRC

Nov 2021

Released the China Mobile Computing Force Network Whitepaper jointly with industry partners

Nov 2021

China Mobile accumulated more than 300 million 5G package customers

Aug 2021

China Mobile Wing Loong, a large and long-duration UAV emergency communication system, was deployed to fully support communications in disaster-stricken areas in Henan

Jul 2021

Officially started the C2 Three Energy-China Mobile Carbon Peak Carbon Neutrality Action Plan

Jul 2021

China Mobile Hong Kong accumulated more than 5 million mobile customers

Jun 2021

The Board approved the proposed RMB Share Issue

May 2021

Officially announced the “Joint Innovation Plus” action plan

Mar 2021

Signed specific collaboration agreements in relation to 5G co-construction and sharing with China Broadcasting Network Corporation Ltd.

Jan 2021
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