China Mobile Environmental Management Policy

To address climate change and make ecological progress, China Mobile promotes a climate strategy with energy saving and emission reduction as its core, and strives to reduce its energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, we work together with our value chain stakeholders and customers to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and minimize environmental impacts.

This policy applies to all China Mobile operational activities and commercial facilities worldwide. We also encourage our value chain stakeholders and customers to follow this policy.

We aim to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions while enhancing energy efficiency. Whereas our network and business development is still growing and our energy consumption in the short term will be increasing, we strive to reduce our energy consumption per unit of business volume. Our goals are:

  1. to reduce the environmental impacts from our own operations and of our value chain stakeholders.
  2. to help reduce our customers' environmental impacts through our low-carbon ICT services.


  1. Our senior management is responsible for our environmental commitments. Our Chairman of the Board of Directors takes responsibility for our environmental policies and performance.
  2. Our day-to-day operating activities comply with the relevant laws, regulations and standards of environmental management.
  3. Proactive response to climate change is an important part of our short-term and long-term business strategy, which will effectively mitigate our climate risks, save costs, and promote emission reduction across society.
  4. We will review and update our environmental policies annually.

Environmental Commitments
With the guidance of international and domestic environmental management systems, we will improve our environmental performance and reduce our environmental impacts through our closed-loop management of goal setting, close monitoring and continuous improvements. Our environmental commitments include:

  • In business operations and facilities, we shall promote energy-saving and environmentally-friendly approaches to building a green network, and strive to minimize our own energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • In supplier selection, we shall, on one hand, apply product classification and other energy saving standards in our equipment procurement process and, on the other hand, evaluate our value chain stakeholders' environmental policies and encourage them to reduce their environmental impacts.
  • In R&D of new products and services, we shall make great efforts on energy-saving new technologies and low-carbon ICT services.
  • In packaging and transportation, we shall apply green packaging solutions and minimize our environmental impacts during transportation.
  • In waste management, we shall promote recycling and reuse to reduce the consumption of raw materials. All wastes shall be delivered to and disposed of by specialized organizations.
  • In construction designs, we shall select appropriate low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologies in accordance with the national and industrial standards applicable to the locality.
  • In new construction projects, we shall use energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials, low-carbon and innovative technologies and renewable energy.
  • In due diligence processes of M&A, we shall assess the environmental policies of target companies.
  • In daily operations, we shall promote low-carbon work habits such as water saving, electricity saving and paper saving to reduce waste.

Reporting and Assurance
We monitor our environmental performance and report on our progress in our annual Sustainability Report in line with the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines published by the Global Reporting Initiative. We engage a third party to perform assurance procedures on our key performance indicators based on ISAE3000 and other assurance standards. In addition, we also participate in disclosure initiatives such as the Carbon Disclosure Project.

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