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Selected Unaudited Key Operational Statistics of CMHK and its subsidiaries or the "Group" As at 20 Sep 2001 /
For the period from
1 Jan to 20 Sep 2001
As at 30 Jun 2001 /
For the period from
1 Jan to 30 Jun 2001
Number of Subscribers 63.77 million 58.91 million
* Total Revenue (RMB) 72.03 billion
(equivalent to approx.
HK$67.95 billion)
48.86 billion
(equivalent to approx.
HK$46.09 billion)
* Average Revenue per User per Month (ARPU) (RMB/User/Month) 152
(equivalent to approx.
(equivalent to approx.
* Total Usage (Minutes) 113.72 billion 77.14 billion
* Average Usage per User per Month (MOU) (Minutes/User/Month) 240 249
* Average Revenue per Minute (RMB) 0.63 0.63
Number of Users of Mobile Data Services 19.17 million 16.98 million
* Short Message Services Usage Volume (Messages) 2.76 billion 1.30 billion
Network Capacity (Users) 80.34 million 72.54 million
Network Utilisation Rate 79.4% 81.2%
Number of Employees 38,543 38,312
Labour Productivity (Subscribers/Employee) 1,655 1,538

* for the relevant reporting period

The business of the Group continued to develop satisfactorily in the third quarter of 2001, with a sustained rapid growth in the number of subscribers. As at 20 Sep 2001, the Group had 63.77 million subscribers, representing a net increase of 4.86 million subscribers in less than 3 months from the subscriber base as at 30 June 2001. As the penetration rate of mobile telecommunications services in China rises, the relative number of low usage subscribers also continues to increase. Although the Group's MOU and ARPU up to the third quarter of this year continued to decline (as shown in the above table), the rate of such decline has been alleviated. Average revenue per minute was RMB 0.63, which is the same as that for the first half of 2001, whereas the total usage volume and total revenue continued to have a steady growth.

As at 20 Sep 2001, the Group had 19.17 million users of mobile data services, representing 30 % of the Group's total number of subscribers and a net increase of 2.19 million subscribers from that as at 30 June 2001. The short message services usage volume for the same period reached 2.76 billion messages, representing an increase of 1.46 billion messages or 112% from that in the first half of 2001 in less than 3 months. The fast growth in short message services usage volume and users of mobile data services is an indication of the vast prospect for the development of the Group's mobile data businesses.

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